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A Librarian’s Field Guide to Near Field Communication

Librarians Kristen Yarmey and Sheli Elizabeth McHugh of the University of Scranton reported on the potential use of near field communication (NFC) tags in public libraries in their presentation “A Librarian’s Field Guide to Near Field Communication.” NFC refers to new technology that allows the passing of data between two very close objects. Typically the […]

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Internet Librarian 2009- Meredith Hammons

The second session was on how technology can either drive initiatives or result in information overload. The first part of the session was led by Lizzy Burns, author of Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect with Your Community. Lizzy defined pop culture as anything your community is interested in and uses. She […]

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Internet LIbrarian 2009- Meredith Hammons

This morning, I began my sessions with the awesome title “Selling Tech to Power”. It was a group of tech savvy decision makers advising people on how to persuade administration of the benefits of using new technologies. The first speaker, Danis Kreimeier, Director of the Napa City-County library, pointed out that directors have a large […]

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Cool MS Surface App in Delft

Wow!  How many library cards can do this? Man, I go away for a month and look at what I missed: Multitouch Microsoft Surface: Cultural Heritage Browser from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo. At DOK, they’ve made an app for their Microsoft Surface table that first reads a patron’s profile off of their library […]

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LITA’s Top Technology Trends

Six panelists from a variety of libraries in the U.S. and the Netherlands mused about the future of technology in libraries yesterday at the 2009 American Library Association Conference in Chicago. What will truly happen, of course, is not clear. They would agree. Libraries are in transformation and in danger of being just left behind. […]

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Technology and Unions in the Public Library

Here’s a well-stated call to action from Chris Maisano of Brooklyn Public Library. Is your union working for you? Can you make it work for you? We all know that our profession is in the midst of a transitional period from an older conception of librarianship grounded in print culture to…well, we really don’t know […]

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Who is Using Your Computers?

This session on Sunday afternoon was a discussion forum sponsored by the RUSA-MARS division of ALA. It’s subtitle was “Best practices for managing and serving public computer users.” The facilitators created a list of questions to promote discussion that fell into 3 broad categories: technology, patron behavior & needs, and policy.    Technology questions focused […]

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Digital Storytelling: Where Outreach, Local History & Technology Collide

Everyone has a story. Being able to turn your story to something that can be shared with others enhances self worth and benefits the community overall.  Their story lives on after they are gone. As libraries, we have the training and in some ways, duty to document and archive society’s culture and history. We have […]

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Final 4th (Okay, not that clever of a title but better than nothing)

Whew…what a conference. My first PLA and I must say I’m much impressed. And much tired. And much with good grammer too. And to think I was just one of over 9000 Public Library people that attended. Wow! That’s a big kind of number. So here then is the final run down. After a quick […]

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Second Day, Just Like the First (Busy) – part 2

Since my last post was so late in the day, that will likely make this post a bit shorter than previous ones. I just finished up my last session of the day, The RA Toolkit III, and it was pretty much everything I hoped it would be. It never hurts to have not one, but […]

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