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Summer 2008 Picks and Plans

It’s a busy time of year for public libraries. Libraries are frantic to spend the last bits of budget before the fiscal year ends, students are taking finals and graduating, and, behind the scenes, summer reading programs are preparing to launch. I was listening to On Point early last week, when Tom Ashbrook hosted a […]

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What to pack?

The hardest thing for me, when getting that suitcase ready, is deciding what knitting projects to take, and deciding what books to take.  For knitting, I have to consider the ideal “en route” project, and then have a few “projects in reserve” in my checked bag.  Since this is the PLA blog and not my […]

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PLA Board II – Part 2

Ethics, Joanne Pinder reported on the proposed changes in the ALA Code of Ethics. Clara Bohrer reported on the finances of PLA. Fund balance was about $25,000 lower than expected partly because the Spring Symposium was not as successful as budgeted. The other reason is a printing cost which will be recovered when the published […]

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Boston publisher appeals to boys with nonfiction

I saw this story about how a publisher is using nonfiction to appeal to the hard-to-capture boys market on NECN (New England Cable News) this morning, and thought it was pretty interesting. The video is 4:25 long (there was no code for me to embed it here), and worth a watch. It’s curious to me […]

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Webinar: A Practical Guide to Fantasy, 9/28

Is the fantasy genre a mystery to you? Wondering how to keep kids, especially boys, interested in reading now that the Harry Potter series is over, with no ideas on what to recommend? Love the Hogwart’s party concept, and looking for fresh ideas? A Practical Guide to Fantasy is the webinar is for you. The […]

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Read for the Record: help break the record!

Read for the Record is an organization strives to raise awareness about issues of inequality in early education, and improving education for at-risk preschoolers. Through this campaign, Jumpstart is asking Americans to support early education opportunities for all children by reading the official campaign book, The Story of Ferdinand, together on September 20, 2007 to […]

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Prime Time Family Reading Time

(I came into this program a little bit late, so I missed the introduction and the first few stories) I had read an article about this program from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in my Literacy for Special Population course last Fall at Simmons College, so I was curious to hear more and decided […]

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The Google Five Libraries: Two Years, Six Months, and Seven Days in the Life of Google Library Project

Is there no downside to being a library partner in the Google Library Project? Until pressed by members of the audience, the five-member panel only admitted it was a lot of work and the lawsuits were annoying. The panelists all seemed almost unconcerned that they really do not know what the ramifications of the project […]

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Podcast Highlight: Just One More Book

This month’s podcast highlight is produced by Mark Blevis, whom I met at Podcamp Boston back in September, and his wife Andrea, called Just One More Book. Every week, Mark and Andrea go to a local coffee shop and talk about children’s books they and their daughter love. The podcast also includes interviews, comments from […]

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Break a World Reading Record with Charlotte’s Web

Walden Media, Paramount Pictures, HarperCollins and other partners are teaming up to “Break a World Reading Record With Charlotte’s Web” to break the current reading record in the Guinness World Records database. The record attempt is for MOST PEOPLE READING ALOUD SIMULTANEOUSLY – MULTIPLE LOCATIONS where we plan to break the record for the largest […]

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