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Connect your patrons with indie fiction recommendations from PLA’s upcoming readers’ advisory webinar

At 1 p.m. CDT on Sept. 19, the Public Library Association (PLA) will host a live, hour-long webinar, “Alternative Reads: Discovering and Sharing Great Indie Fiction with Your Patrons,” to introduce attendees to the wide array of books from small and independent presses, hybrid publishers and self-published works. Presenters Dedra Anderson and Lisa Casper, both […]

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Nancy Pearl Presents: Books That Make Great Gifts – PLA Webinar- December 13

As the author of the Book Lust: Recommended Reading collection, there is no one better suited than Nancy Pearl to help you find the perfect gift for book lovers on your list. In her first-ever webinar with PLA, Nancy will share her recommendations for books guaranteed to make your friends and family smile and start […]

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Summer 2008 Picks and Plans

It’s a busy time of year for public libraries. Libraries are frantic to spend the last bits of budget before the fiscal year ends, students are taking finals and graduating, and, behind the scenes, summer reading programs are preparing to launch. I was listening to On Point early last week, when Tom Ashbrook hosted a […]

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When the Story is True: Practicing Nonfiction Readers’ Advisory

Barry Trott of the Williamsburg Regional Library began the program When the Story is True by reading comments about the book Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle (2004). From the use of phrases about well-drawn characters, tense settings, and compelling story, he said that many readers might assume that the book was a novel. It […]

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Day 3 (still without cleverness) – part 2

My brain hurts (and make sure you say that in your best Monty Python “Gumby” voice to get the full effect). Three days have passed and my energy level is low — and there is still half a day to go. It’s going to be a close run thing, and I’m betting that I’ll be […]

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Readers’ Advisory Tool Kit III: Market Driven Readers’ Advisory – Three More Skills to Increase Your Effectiveness as an RA Librarian

As the day wound down, attendance at the Readers’ Advisory Tool Kit III was a bit down, though still very decent. Those who lasted the full day of PLA got to hear three well-known librarians suggest more ways to get books into the hands of readers. With her section “Promoting the Backlist,” Georgine Olson of […]

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Second Day, Just Like the First (Busy) – part 2

Since my last post was so late in the day, that will likely make this post a bit shorter than previous ones. I just finished up my last session of the day, The RA Toolkit III, and it was pretty much everything I hoped it would be. It never hurts to have not one, but […]

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Second Day, Just Like the First (Busy!)

I wasn’t expecting to update until this evening, as my schedule was pretty packed, but thanks to my unfortunate talent at writing down number incorrectly, I ended up showing up for a meeting that was actually held yesterday. And so go those fabled plans of mice and men (and people with poor date writing skills). […]

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Book Buzz with Nancy Pearl

Nancy Pearl introduced the second PLA Book Buzz program at 10:30 this morning with a contest. She asked the listeners to coin a new word for “the fear of being stuck somewhere without a book to read.” She told of recently getting onto a flight from Orlando to Seattle with only two books and quickly […]

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