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Whirlwind tour of Hennepin County Library

Meg Canada, who works as Librarian as well as in Assistive Technology & Teen Services Online for the Hennepin County Library (I hope I got your title right!), and is also a lovely friend of mine, graciously took the time on Thursday, March 27 to give me an epic-yet-whirlwind tour of not only the Hennepin […]

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Change Management & Closing Time

OK, I’ll admit it, I skipped the first session slot on Saturday. It wasn’t because I was out partying or anything, but rather because I wanted to hang out with the friends I was staying with in the morning and have plenty of time to grab a leisurely breakfast (which I did at Gigi’s Cafe). […]

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So long, and thanks for all the books

I had the best time at PLA.  The best!  I was having so much fun, in fact, that I didn’t even finish blogging until I had been home for two days.  It took that long to recover!  I must say, my first PLA was a resounding success, leaving me with the desire and excitement to […]

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Paula Poundstone

She is delightful!  She talked to people in the audience, joked about what was going on without humiliating anyone, and generally had us all laughing heartily the whole time she was on stage. Sorry for the bad photo, but all I had with me was my camera.  She really did have my laughing most of […]

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From Hype to Help: Making a Difference with New Technologies

Michael Porter of WebJunction and Janie Hermann of Library Garden and Princeton Public Library, New Jersey, combined to discuss how new technologies can help libraries build and serve communities. Marilyn Mason introduced them. She also told us to watch for newly expanded and redesigned services on Webjunction that we will see in the next few […]

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“Take Lyndale to the Horizon”

Saturday morning I once more hauled myself out of bed too early and bussed to the convention center. My volunteer shift started at 8am, and my first order of business was to find caffeine. And then the local interest booth. Both were achieved. My volunteer captain was from the Great River Regional Library System, and […]

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Busy Day – Full of Promise

Flew in from Indianapolis yesterday, took the Light Rail in from the airport and checked into the Westin (it was so easy.)  Since this is my first major conference in the library field, I was surprised to see how easy it was to recognize other library professionals.  You know the stereotypes of how we look […]

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When the Title Does Not Fit the Presentation …

As a part time library school student and full time reference worker, I understand the value of evaluating print sources.  Sometimes what is written is not what you get.  I have been to eight presentations in the past two days.  Three of the presenters commented on the title of their presentations (what was printed in […]

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Minneapolis is a great place to hold a conference

Today is the last day and I’m noticing many attendees walking with a hitch in their step.  The weather has been great for this time of year.  Got my picture taken with Mary Tyler Moore (her statue) and appeared on the Channel 4 CBS morning show (in the window) on the way to the convention […]

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Final 4th (Okay, not that clever of a title but better than nothing)

Whew…what a conference. My first PLA and I must say I’m much impressed. And much tired. And much with good grammer too. And to think I was just one of over 9000 Public Library people that attended. Wow! That’s a big kind of number. So here then is the final run down. After a quick […]

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