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Hjørring Bibliotek and do you have Hyves?

Image of Ib Geertsen mobiles from ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum   Its been difficult finding time to blog from Denmark since there is just so much to do! The NextLibrary unconference starts tomorrow. Here’s a couple of brief observations. First, I’m headed to the Hjørring Bibliotek in about an hour. Check out a timelapse youtube video […]

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Greenpoint Poetry Sites (GPS) Public Art Project Goes Live

This is a screenshot from the mobile website for the first release of the Greenpoint Poetry Sites (GPS) project, something I’ve been working with a wonderful group of librarians, eduactors, designers and writers. I blogged about a fun site-specific project involving QR codes a while back, and I’m absolutely thrilled to show it off now […]

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Information Commons 2.0, Hyde Park NY

Last Thursday I attended the day-long SENYLRC symposium: “Information Commons 2.0- Lessons Learned and Moving Forward” at the FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park, NY.  Here’s a link to the pdf of the program.  Here’s the wiki. I went to this conference with Brooklyn Public Library colleagues Richard Reyes-Gavilan (Central Library Director) and Jesse Montero […]

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Otlet and the changing role of your library

A lot of things were great about the New Media Symposium at Pratt SILS the other day, but I sure did have a lot of fun listening to Alex Wright talk about the work of information science visionary Paul Otlet (among others).  I just spent some time tweaking one of Otlet’s images in a way […]

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Any questions for IA / Usability professionals?

This Saturday, I’m honored to be moderating a panel of Pratt Alumni at the Pratt Student Chapter of ASIS&T New Media Symposium. It promises to be an amazing day, featuring keynote speaker Alex Wright, information architect at the NY Times and author of Glut: Mastering Information Through The Ages! What I’m most excited about: the […]

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A handy tool for web marketers at public libraries

Don’t you want to know when people are talking about you? For a professional web marketer, it is essential to know when people are talking about your product. Many libraries have started using Twitter to announce their programs and events. Its important to recognize that good web conversation is not one-sided. Simply broadcasting about yourself […]

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WPA Library Posters

Found via @elloyd74, these WPA posters are wayyyyyy too good for PLA Blog readers to miss.  In fact I cannot believe I’ve never seen the  before!  Clearly I’m not reading something I ought to be reading. Check out the full flickr set via user marklarson here.   He got them from this Library of Congress […]

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Day 1 in Nashville

A great day in Nashville. Generally, I try to let intensive workshops like today’s percolate in the brain a little while before I write much about them.  My mind was turned to mush today after this event.  Larry Nash White was a particularly good presenter.  Here’s a few side notes I took that got me […]

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Silk Purses and Sow’s Ears

Ah, statistics. We love ’em and we hate ’em. This is a picture of a book cart on the floor at the Darien Library. It is a wonderful illustration of how even the most innovative libraries are bound to our most treasured statistic: materials circulation. I took this picture last week in Darien when I […]

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Meme Factory at 3rd Ward

Last Tuesday I went to 3rd Ward for the Meme Factory event.  I’d love to see an auditorium full of librarians grit their teeth and sit through the Meme Factory presentation and its brutally pornographic, racist, twisted moments and struggle to understand the idea that the internet can be about *attention* and not *content*.  It […]

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