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An open letter to America’s publishers from ALA President Maureen Sullivan

The following open letter was released by American Library Association (ALA) President Maureen Sullivan regarding Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Penguin refusal to provide access to their e-books in U.S. libraries. The open letter states: It’s a rare thing in a free market when a customer is refused the ability to buy a company’s product […]

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New ALA Report Explores Challenges of Equitable Access to Digital Content

The American Library Association (ALA) has released a new report examining critical issues underlying equitable access to digital content through our nation’s libraries. In the report, titled “E-content: The Digital Dialogue,” authors explore an unprecedented and splintered landscape in which several major publishers refuse to sell ebooks to libraries; proprietary platforms fragment our cultural record; […]

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Philadelphia Freedom

Over 200 years ago there was a lot of talk about freedom in Philadelphia. At the PLA 2012 Opening session Robert Kennedy Jr.’s speech about alternate energy resources reflected the unnoticed quiet decline of freedom. Mr. Kennedy pointed out that our energy options are changing and they are changing for the better. Technology has improved […]

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A two part plan to make your library a local publisher

This is an extended version of my post on Digital Book World,  ‘Steal This Idea’, and an outline for my upcoming talk at SXSW. Frequently when people speak of ‘the future’, they speak of that which they believe to be inevitable. They take a determinist approach. They cite facts, figures, and statistics that back up […]

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An eBook is not a Book

I’d like to explain why I don’t think eReader lending (Nook, Kindle, Sony, any reader at all) is a good plan for public libraries.  It’s not that lending eReaders is a *bad* thing at all: if someone gifts your library a garbage bag full of Nooks, what the heck, please use them!  Instead I’d argue […]

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Your Library on Ebooks – How is your library responding to the post-print environment?

Share your library’s ebooks experience by contributing a short essay for the JanFeb 2012 issue of Public Libraries. How have ebooks affected your library’s staffing patterns, your library’s website, library services, etc. Has your library implemented any new programs or services? How are you handling e-device questions? We want to hear all about it! Essays […]

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