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Highlights and Opinions from the National Digital Public Library Conference in Los Angeles, CA

The Digital Public Library of America needs a public-facing laboratory; an experimental beta space where we can prototype ideas, curricula, interfaces, strategies, and experiences. I’m home again after a very interesting session about building a National Digital Public Library at the Los Angeles Public Library and I’d like to recap it while offering a few […]

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The National Digital Public Library (DPLA) conference

I’m in Los Angeles now for the National Digital Public Library conference, which promises to be a group of forward thinking, influential public librarians and library administrators thinking through how they might contribute to, benefit from, and provide end users with valuable services from a Digital Public Library of America.  Here is the agenda.  Briefly, […]

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DLF Presentation Monday: What a National Digital Library means for Public Libraries

On Monday I’ll be giving a brief talk and moderating a panel discussion at the Digital Library Federation Forum in Baltimore.  I’ll be speaking on “What A National Digital Library Means For Public Libraries”, and our panel will be answering questions on related topics.  Panelists include Michael Lascarides (NYPL), Toby Greenwalt (Skokie PL), and Jefferson […]

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First thoughts after the DPLA launch and workstream meetings

Typed on a plane – will add links shortly ————- It’s been a fascinating couple of days at the DPLA workshops and meetings in Washington DC. Five million dollars has been pledged to the effort by the Sloan Foundation and the Arcadia Fund, so the time has finally come to build the DPLA. I can […]

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Recapping some recent presentations

I’ve been a presentin’ madman lately, first with a talk for the wonderful 2nd LJ/SLJ eBook Summit and then four, yes 4, presentations at Internet Librarian 2012 in Monterey.  Now I’m catching my breath here in Washington DC where the DPLA meetings are going to be taking place over the next couple of days, and […]

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The DPLA takes off.

While it may seem redundant to post this amidst the flurry of activity on Twitter (follow hashtag #dpla) and in other media, I’d like to let PLA blog readers know that the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) site is now live.  It’s an exciting step forward for an ambitious initiative which holds a lot […]

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The Library Lab DPLA Beta Sprint Project

Last week, along with a remarkable group of partners, I submitted a Beta Sprint proposal for an architectural interface for a Digital Public Library of America.  I’m really proud of this work and I believe it could have a substantial impact on public libraries and other memory institutions like museums and archives.  The design concept […]

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Thoughts from the DPLA meeting in DC

I’m going to recap here some of the points that I found most interesting and productive at the DPLA meeting yesterday.  I should point out that I have a pretty clear idea of what *I* believe this DPLA should be, so I’m definitely coming at this from one particular angle which may or may not […]

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Technical (and not-so-technical) Dissemination of the DPLA

Tomorrow at the DPLA workshop in Washington DC, I’m going to introduce a conversation about the ‘technical dissemination’ of the Digital Public Library of America. I’ll follow up this post with either comments or other posts describing the conversation. This should be a lively and productive day. I’ll be taking this as an opportunity to […]

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Complexity made Simple

This is a mind map from Karen Coyle. The mind map is a diagram of “users and what users might want to do with data” from a linked open data workshop.  Readers, librarians, you don’t have to know linked open data from strawberry rhubarb pie to look at this and get something out of it.  […]

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