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CIL 2009: What’s Hot in RSS

The last day of Computer in Libraries I had a jam-packed schedule and I decided I would wait to post about any sessions.  Steven M. Cohen, who writes the blog Library Stuff and moderated Tuesday’s Open Libraries track,  presented hot RSS sites from Z-A with two letters missing (X and N) but with prizes thrown […]

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CIL 2009: Unconferences

While I had planned to attend “Library Website and Library Catalog: One Stop!” I accidentally went to the room for “Unconferences.” The panelists (the vivacious Kathryn Greenhill from Murdoch University Library, Steve Lawson from Colorado College,  Stephen Francoeur from Baruch College, and John Blyberg from Darien Library) and the track moderator (Steven  Cohen from Law […]

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CIL 2009: New Strategies for Digital Natives

Helene Blowers,  Director of Digital Strategy at the Columbus Metropolitan Library — aka the mastermind behind  the ubiquitous 23 Things program — talked about digital natives, those born 1980 or after. The first web was built on the idea of “find” while the second was built on the idea of “connect.” Top 5 Social Networking […]

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CIL 2009: Tiny Libraries, Tiny Tech, Innovative Services

I’m attending this conference on a tattered shoe string. I’m originally from the Baltimore Washington area, so I’m crashing on the futon of some friends who live in DC. My library ponied up the funds for registration and I traveled down 95 on Bolt, a discount bus that comes with wi-fi. (It seemed appropriate to […]

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CIL 2009: Infotoday Blog

They’re covering a lot of the sessions over at the Infotoday Blog, and the blog mentioned that tomorrow morning’s keynote speech/interview with Erik Boekesteijn and NYPL’s Paul Hodergraber will be streamed live. Tune in at 9 am.

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CIL 2009: Website Redesign Pitfalls

We’re gearing up for a website redesign at Queens Library, so I headed to hear Jeff Wisniewski, Web Services Librarian at the University of Pittsburgh, speak about things to avoid and things to embrace in the overhaul process. Wisniewski started off by noting bad reasons and good reasons to initiate redesign. Bad ones included boredom […]

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Computers in Libraries 2009

Greetings. I’m Karen Keys from Queens Library in New York and I’ll be checking in and posting from the Computers in Libraries 2009 conference. I’ve got some sessions I plan to attend over the next three days, but take a look at the program and comment if you’d like me to report on anything in […]

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