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PLA @ ALA Midwinter: schedules and bloggers

The Midwinter meeting in Philly is fast approaching! If you’d like the 411 on committee meetings, visit the handy chart on the PLA web site, sorted alphabetically by committee name. We are also still recruiting bloggers for the conference. No experience is required, but great writing skills are desirable. Drop us a line through the […]

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ALA Midwinter 2008: Call for bloggers!

Are you going to the Midwinter meeting in Philly? Looking for an interesting new way to document your conference experience and share your thoughts? Consider volunteering as a conference blogger for the PLA Blog. No experience is necessary! We even a practice blog to get you acclimated before you head off to the real thing. […]

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Libraries urged to participate in national study of Internet use in libraries

ALA is encouraging public libraries to participate in the 2007-2008 Public Library Funding and Technology Access online survey. The survey provides an important opportunity for libraries to share information on computer and Internet resources and infrastructure, as well as funding, technology training and other uses of public libraries, such as providing public access technology centers […]

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The executive board of the Association of Library Trustees and Advocates (ALTA) agreed at the 2007 fall planning session to work with board members from Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (FOLUSA) to determine whether and how a partnership might benefit both groups and, most importantly, America’s libraries. ALTA is one of the American Library Association’s (ALA) […]

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Apply by Nov 1: Publishing grant for librarians

Interested in the connection between libraries and the publishing world? The Women’s National Book Association sponsors the WNBA Eastman Grant offers a grant of up to $750 for a librarian to take a course or participate in an institute devoted to aspects of publishing as a profession. Application guidelines (there is no official form, but […]

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Children’s Librarian Travels to ALA

Kristen, children’s librarian, here. This is my first time writing for the PLA Blog. I’ll be attending a number of sessions and events over the next four days and look forward to sharing them with you. Traveling, for me, always starts out with a shoe crisis, especially when I’m headed to a conference. I covered […]

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HowTo: Blog for PLA

Many of the emails of interest I’ve received about our Call for Bloggers for the ALA Annual conference have asked, “What does blogging for PLA entail?” Here’s the basics on how PLA blogs conferences, and how you can be involved. Who can be a PLA conference blogger? As you might expect, our preference is for […]

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ALA Public Programs Office announces new blog!

Big congratulations to the PPO for the launch of their spiffy new blog, the Public Programs Post. In the past, the PLA Blog has highlighted information, programs, and events from the Public Programs Office here, and we hope to continue to bring you highlights from their new blog now and again. In the meantime, if […]

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What do you do about overdue fines and restrictions?

The past few posts have been all about feedback. Your thoughts, beliefs, actions, plans, and ideas on how librarianship works are important, so definitely give a few minutes to participate! I read this bit of “what do you do?” on the WebJunction Publib listserv (May 4, Vol 26, Issue 4). The contact for responses is […]

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Rebranding librarianship: what do you think?

Brendan Gallagher, a participant in Leslie Berger’s Emerging Leaders Initiative, posted to the Mentors, Masters, Leaders blog today about the survey that’s been making the rounds through various digital venues: I’m one of the ALA Emerging Leaders this year, and I’m part of a work team that is looking at options for “rebranding the library […]

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