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About the PLA Blog

PLA Blog Mission Statement

The mission of the PLA Blog is to enhance the members learning experience through the publication of national, regional, and local library initiatives and Public Library Association (PLA) events.

PLA Blog Goals

  • Promote the initiatives of the Public Libraries Association (PLA).
  • Get local, regional, and state library assocations excited about blogging.
  • Help stay on top of technology trends in public libraries.
  • Promote professional development of public librarians.
  • Provide an RSS Feed for PLA press releases and other information announcements through the blog.

PLA Blog Staff

PLA Blog Comment Guidelines

The PLA Blog, along with disseminating information, should also provide a communicative and collaborative environment for its readers that, at the same time, protects every reader’s freedom of speech. For this reason, each post will include a comment feature to allow readers to comment on what they read. Acceptable comments include:

  • Feedback on the content of a specific post (and not a specific individual, implied or otherwise).
  • Links and comments related to the content of the post.

Comments that justify deletion include:

  • Spam.
  • Commentary that is in no way related to the specific post.
  • Commentary that may constitute libel and slander (according to ALA definitions).

For More Information

ALA Press Release on PLA Blog Contact the PLA Blog staff using our contact form.