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Literacy Programming @ Your Library

The January/February 2013 issue of Public Libraries will focus on Literacy Programming at the Public Library. We’re looking for feature articles and shorter opinion pieces on that subject. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your library’s literacy programming efforts with colleagues across the country. Your article can focus on any type of literacy programming, examples include:

Adult Basic Literacy Skills – Literacy for adults.
Cultural Literacy – Ability to understand one’s own culture and the culture of others.
English as a Second Language – Fluency in the English language from a non-native speaker.
Early Childhood Literacy – Literacy for children.
Digital Literacy – Ability to use technology such as a computer or the internet on a basic level.
Financial Literacy – Ability to understand basic financial principles and manage one’s own finances.
Global Literacy – Capacity to understand the world on a global basis.
Health Literacy – Ability to understand healthcare information and make decisions towards one’s own healthcare choices.
Information Literacy – Learning to find and analyze information to solve a specific problem
Media Literacy – The ability to understand mass media.
PreGED or GED preparation – Learning the skills to fulfill the requirements of the General Educational Development.
Transliteracy – Literacy across various forms of media and platforms.

Feature articles are generally 2500-5000 words and Verso columns (opinion pieces) are 1500 words. For this special issue, we will select three feature articles and two opinion pieces. Please submit by November 17 to be considered for the literacy issue. All submissions will go through a peer-review process. More information about writing for PL can be found here. Please submit articles via our article submission system. Send queries or requests for more information to PL Editor, Kathleen Hughes, [email protected]