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PLAmetrics Demonstration and User Group Meeting at ALA Annual Conference

Date: Sunday, June 24
Time: 10:30am – Noon
Where: Salon 1, Hyatt Regency Orange County

At the upcoming ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, PLA will be hosting a demonstration of its new PLAmetrics tool for online access to the Public Library Data Service (PLDS) Statistical Report. More and more public libraries are arming themselves with insightful benchmarking reports. PLAmetrics is designed to meet the needs of public library administrators and others, including media outlets, for timely and relevant library-specific data that supports a wide variety of management decisions. Published annually, this tool collects information from more than 1300 public libraries across the United States and Canada on finances, library resources, programs, annual use figures, and technology. In addition, each annual PLDS report contains a special survey highlighting statistics on one service area or public library topic.

Participate and hear how this online, real time system continues to grow and can be applied to real world PL issues (e.g., budgets, operations, grants, etc.).
• View PLDS tables with searchable data exportable into Excel/CSV file formats and linked data from other report sections
• Access summary tables in interactive charts (breakdown by legal service area as well as by state and legal services within each state)
• Create customized PLDS datasets with user-defined data, calculations, charts, and other analysis that can be saved and exported into Excel/CSV file formats
• Create reusable peer-group library filters
For more information and to purchase a subscription, please go to www.plametrics.org.
PLAmetrics is managed by Counting Opinions.