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Book Expo 2012 – Talking About Books

Book Expo 2012 got off to a busy start this morning in rainy Manhattan. For librarians attending the show, Library Journal hosted a Day of Dialog that featured loads of book talks, author panels, and more library-related programming. The first panel of the morning ‘Editor’s Picks’ was moderated by Barbara Hoffert and featured editors from Scribner; Soho Press; William Morrow; Little, Brown; and Crown/Hogarth discussing their forthcoming titles. You can see the list here.

The next panel looked at Genre Fiction with ‘Buzz’ and featured authors in a panel discussion with Hoffert again moderating. The panel consisted of writers who’ve just released or are soon releasing debut novels across a variety of genres. They included Karen Engelmann, The Stockholm Octavo (Ecco: HarperCollins); Max Gladstone, Three Parts Dead (Tor); Eleanor Kuhns, A Simple Murder (Minotaur); Beatriz Williams, Overseas (Putnam); and Ariel S. Winter, The Twenty-Year Death (Hard Case Crime). Each author answered a question directly about his/her work and then they answered general questions and also took questions from the audience.

Following lunch, attendees were treated to a light-hearted conversation with New York Times columnist Gail Collins who answered questions from moderator, Margaret Heilbrun, LJ Senior Editor, talked about her new book, “As Texas Goes,” and took questions from the audience.

The afternoon consisted of two more panel presentations – the first, “Best Digital Practices’ gathered a group of librarians to discuss and provide tips for ebook selection (gather info on what patrons need, accept patron recommendations for purchases); readers’ advisory (make sure everything is searchable, help patrons find books analogous to those they are searching for, get everything into your catalog); and ebook weeding (get rid of stuff that doesn’t circulate, treat ebooks the way you treat your physical collection).

I missed the final panel of the day as I was on my way to the Javits Center for the phenomenal (and hugely popular) Editor’s Buzz program, but ‘I Spy: The Return of the Espionage Thriller featured a conversation with a group of spy fiction authors. Moderated by Jeff Ayers of the Seattle Public Library, who is also a thriller author and LJ Reviewer, the panel included Ben Coes, “The Last Refuge” (St. Martin’s); Alan Furst, Mission to Paris; Mark Henshaw, Red Cell (Touchstone: S & S); Francine Matthews, “jack 1939” (Riverhead: Penguin Group USA); and Chris Pavone: “The Expats (Crown).

The BEA Adult Editor’s Buzz program features editors sharing their excitement about books they feel have the biggest breakout potential for Fall. Books included in the discussion were:
The People of Forever are Not Afraid‘ by Shani Boianjiu (Crown Publishing)
‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry‘ by Rachel Joyce (Random House Publishing)
Brain on Fire‘ by Susannah Cahalan (Free Press)
Panorama City‘ by Antoine Wilson (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
A Million Heavens‘ by John Brandon (McSweeney’s)

Lots of galleys to sort through tonight!