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Getting to ALA

Finally got here after a big delay in San Fransico. The town is noted for fog, why am I surprised? The Disneyland Express was a disappointment. I am a trained librarian. I did research, I made phone calls, I observed the sign for the shuttle….still, the shuttle drove right by me at the airport. When I called, I was told this time that there was construction at the airport and they couldn’t stop ….couldnt stop where their sign was. Their sign on a sawhorse. When I suggested they update their website, they said it was “impossible” for them to change their website for this two weeks they aren’t following their own instructions. I offered to program their web page for them, they still insisted that HTML could not possibly be changed..then changed back. Perhaps theirs is carved in stone and not in cascading style sheets.
But the weather is amazing, Gale is generously providing buses and I finally found my meeting room. I have a lovely sense of accomplishment.