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The point and future of libraries: access to content

The point of libraries is to provide access to content.  Regardless of format.  More and more content is in electronic form. The difficulties of providing access to electronic content increasingly frustrates both library users and librarians.  Existing pricing models, licensing agreements, and clunky access methods don’t fill libraries needs or help the library achieve it’s mission of providing access to content.  Librarians can’t just stand around complaining that we have no control over this situation because we do. At Saturday’s afternoon’s session “You Mean Libraries Will Be Able to Deliver Electronic Content Better Than iTunes and Netflix?” presenter Michael Porter sounded the call  for librarians to unite and be part of the solution of designing and implementating library service centric models  for delivering electronic content. This is an exciting time to be a librarian.  An opportunity to think outside the box, experiment and share in creating  the relevant excellent library services of the future.  A good place to learn more and start participating is ALA’s Presidential Task Force on Equitable Access to Electronic Contenton. The library world needs you!