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ALA Council/Board/Membership Information Session

by Michael Golrick

It is Sunday morning, and after having had some trouble logging in, I am now ready to blog. Later today there will be post on yesterday’s PLA Board meeting. Now, it is Sunday and the “Info Session” is going on. This session is reports on various topics, some required each time.

The first item was a report on the Graduated Dues Study Task Force, Budget Analysis and Review Committee*, Endowment Trustees*, and Nominating Committee*. [Those with * are required either in the bylaws or by ALA policies.]

In the Nominating Committee report, there is a question about the number of school librarians. Registration numbers are higher than Seattle on the same day, and a total of 12,223 compared to 11,822 in Seattle on the same day. This bodes well for the association.

Council Information Session