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Conference bloglings

When I picked up my conference packet this morning, there were signs — as well as a person at the entrance to the registration desk line — saying that a photo ID was needed. The person at the desk didn’t even look at my driver’s license, but I wonder if a library that sent one person to the desk to sign in for all attending staff members had any problems.

Man, the conference bags smell like a gas station. My whole hotel room smells like that now. If a meeting room gets too crowded, we might be overcome by the fumes. (The swag-bags being given out by at least one vendor have the same nasty smell to their silkscreen ink.)

The sign outside the ProQuest Internet access room next to the ALA Store says (in all caps): “If there is a line, your time at the 10 minutes.” I made my own sign, which I set on the same easel before the opening session: “All your line are belong to us.” (My sign was gone when I walked past later.)

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  • Jami says:

    I noticed the improper english of the sign as well. I think is a puzzle for librarians to solve to keep our minds active in the early hours

    What words would make this a proper sentence.

    you would think they would know better than have a sign like that will librarians who are mostly ENGLISH MAJORS.*shakes head in disbelief*

  • “all your line are belong to us.” HA. *g*