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June 7th Library News Round-Up

Rats! I had a long list of stories to publish, but they deleted themselves (blaming the computer always makes me feel better). I salvaged two interesting stories. Tune in this week for another library weblog interview…

+ Library opens its door to hip-hop – (From the Chicago Tribune) – ” One clue to what was going on Sunday afternoon at the Woodson Regional Library was the show-and-tell object parked outside. A white stretch limo. No, this wasn’t the day for your auntie’s class in basket weaving. Billed as the “1st Annual Windy City Hip-Hop and R&B Music Industry Seminar,” it was three hours of high energy music, along with smooth moves in unison, a lot of bobbing, weaving, dipping and rolling of shoulders–and a considerable amount of note-taking.

+ Is a place that claims to be public, really public? – (From WPRI) – “How public is the Providence Public library? Some taxpayers say they’re being left in the dark about where their money’s going. But a proposed new law could force all public libraries to answer to the people.”

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