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Google Live on ALA Site

Yes, indeed! ALA has changed its search engine and ALA is now powered by Google. Go to www.ala.org and play with it! I did a few searches–Patriot Act, etc.–and it worked, well, like Google–fast and relevant. Yum. I’m sure ALA will appreciate any tweaking suggestions you have–search engines usually need some fine-tuning after installation–but just as-is it’s working great.

So who to thank? Debi Lewis of ALA staff commented in an email to the ALA Web Advisory Committee, “Very very large kudos go to Jack Briody, who configured and tweaked and manipulated the engine and a number of cold fusion pages on our site to make it work not just for the ALA site overall, but all its existing division searches and American Libraries.
Kudos also go to the ALA Help Desk team, who spent much of the week (and some even worked through last weekend) publishing the content of the entire site so that date sorting would work appropriately.” Thanks to Debi, Jack, ALA Help Desk Team–all right ALA!